The Wisdom of our Universal Creation Entity Is Being Accessed and Established Daily

Cogito Ergo Sum - I think therefore I am
Credo Ut Intelligam - I believe so that I may understand
Respondeo Etsi Mutabor - I respond although I will be changed

The Human Soul - (THS) 26-7-1981
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Soul Flight Poetry by Elizabeth Lance

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8 Days Establishing My Eternity-Truth
Created 18-10-2017
Linked with The Darker Side of 8 Days Re-directing my Known Destiny Numbers

12 at The Last Supper - Christ eternally imprisoned in The Covenant of King David
Created 22-11-2017

15th Century manuscript with 'alien' chracters decoded
Created 30-1-2018
Linked with The Hebrew Alphabet Establishes Serious 249 Violations

15 Years of Man's self-redemption beginning 15-1-2003
Created 14-1-2018

17th Century instrument destroyed on flight
Created 11-1-2018

392 Birth of Dorothy Joan Howell 24-10-1919
Created 20-1-2018

1363 establishes 911 The Scorpio Twins Elect and infinitely more
Created 12-1-2018

400-year-old indigenous map of Mexico made public
Created 27-11-2017

ABN 78 685 570 622 Is Legally Reactivated
Created 30-11-2017

A Clean Energy Target Significantly Exposed!
Created 17-10-2017

After 117 years lamingtons are off the menu at their birth place
Created 28-12-2017

AGL to close Liddell Power Station
Created 10-12-2017

A 'great surge of joy' opens up Templar-connection
Created 24-12-2017

A Heavenly Look Into Space

Created 21-12-2017

All's Well That Ends Well - Shakespeare
Created 12-2-2018

Ancient Mommy and Two Mummified Sons Establish Birth Destiny 293 and 392
Created 19-1-2018

A newly-established look at the meaning of 'Our Days are Numbered'
Created 21-11-2017
Linked with The 1-2-3 of A-B-C

Angela Gay Laughton challenging the contrived purpose of Aboriginal Spirituality 26-1-2018
Created 23-1-2018
Linked with 1 Peter 2:4-8 - The Stone that makes them stumble and fall and Australia Day 26-1-1788 Under Unique Scrutiny

Asteroid 2012 TC4 'narrowly' misses ring of communications satellites in close flyby of Earth
Created 13-10-2017

Astronomers shocked by supernova that keeps exploding
Created 13-11-2017

Beersheba Establishes 324 and Significantly More!

Bob Hawke's near-fatal illness revealed
Created 17-11-2017

Budget update set to show improvement
Created 18-12-2017

Calculated Control Factor 236 Establishes Events on 9-11-2001 and Significantly More!
Created 18-11-2017

Calculated Control Factor 354
Created 8-1-2018

Calculated Control Factor 533
Created 9-2-2018

Calculated Control Factor of Dual-Citizenship 172
Created 16-11-2017

Canberra shaken by meteor sonic boom
Created 30-12-2017

CERN: ideal for entrepreneurship for those who take a leap
Created 29-10-2017

China must prepare for war with North Korea, according to security experts - Discover what's missing!
Created 17-12-2017

China urges US to abandon 'Cold War' mindset
Created 22-1-2018

Collusion as Justified Righteously-redeemed Collaboration
Created 23-12-2017

Council tells staff to stop saying Australia Day
Created 2-2-2018

Data ENERGY Communicating High Intelligent Power Source (DE-CHIPS)
Created 3-2-2018

David Attenborough urges action on plastic
Created 16-10-2017

Deciphering the message in 'vivid orange'
Created 16-1-2018

Decoding my 4-date set-up(s)
Created 3-12-2017

Decoding my 5 Redemption-date set-up(s)
Created 3-12-2017

Decoding the 3 attempted-killing date set-up(s)
Created 3-12-2017

Decoding the date set-up(s) 29-7-1981
Created 3-12-2017
Prince Charles born 1948:  1981-1948=33

Decoding the date set-up(s) of My Seven Powerful Soul-Truth Covenants
Created 3-12-2017

Destiny's Calculated Control Factor 293
Created 28-11-2017

Dimension 317 My Blunder-bus 157 and 911 and Swap-Shop Revisited
Created 24-12-2017

Don't sell yourself short - YOU are the judge of your Soul-redemption power=Knowledge
Created 26-11-2017

Eugenics in Action
Created 31-10-2017
Regular Updates

Ex-Pentagon UFO official admits 'we may not be alone'
Created 20-12-2017

Exploring the Nibiru cataclysm
Created 30-10-2017

Fact-checking 'The Crown': Did the Duke of Windsor plot with Hitler to betray Britain?
Created 1-1-2018

Gregorian Calendar Codes

Higgs Boson: We have discovered what NOTHINGNESS is made of! It's quite SOMETHING!
Created 31-1-2019

Hollywood has Supplied Great Truths as Fiction
Created 11-10-2017

Holy See (124) and Vatican City State (249) - The Significant Components of Truth Re-alignment
Created 3-1-2018

Humanity has peaked and we're on the decline scientist claims
Created 8-12-2017
The Human Spirit has only begun it's miracle ascent

Humans didn't outsmart the Neanderthals.  We just outlasted them.  BULLSHIT!!!

Hundreds of mysterious stone structures discovered in Saudi Arabia
Created 19-10-2017

Ichthyosaur fossil discovered in India
Created 26-10-2017

I have my feet firmly on the ground
Created 2-12-2017
Our High Intelligent Energy-communicating Creator is Amazing

Intertwined skeletons dating back 2,400 years found in Mexico City
Created 1-2-2018

ISOLDE 92 and Exploring HIE
Created 25-10-2017

Jupiter's great red spot deeper than Earth's oceans

Created 14-12-2017

Jupiter's two strange auroras pulse to their own X-ray beat
Created 31-10-2017

Keith Urban's $52m gift to Nicole Kidman

Created 27-11-2017

Marriage reform a human rights issue:  Brandis
Created 15-11-2017

Matthew Sleeth's 'Guilty': a gut-wrenching look at Myuran Sukumaran's execution
Created 9-10-2017
Believe me - It's Loaded!

MH370 search vessel disappears for three days
Created 6-2-2018

Middle East 'needs two-state solution': Pope Francis
Created 26-12-2017

Millions displaced if Antarctic ice melts
Created 5-2-2018

Monster planet found orbiting dwarf star 'surprised' astronomers
Created 1-11-2017

My 5 Days as The Witness of God's Knowledge Establish 353 and Significantly More!

My 7 Powerful Soul-truth Covenants at work on 7-1-2018
Created 6-1-2018

My 7 Powerful Soul-truth Covenants at work on Three Challenges of 295
Created 9-1-2018

My Business Names De-registered 20-10-2017
Created 30-1-2017

My Five Creator-blessed Dates are Fully Operational
Created 28-1-2018

My Seven Powerful Soul-Truth Covenants at work on 25-4-2015+29-4-2015 and More!
Created 9-10-2017

Mysterious Dead Sea Scroll deciphered
Created 24-1-2018

Mystery of Plutos super-cold weather solved
Created 17-11-2017

New discovery on the tomb of Jesus Christ
Created 29-11-2017

New sonar contact detected in search for missing submarine
Created 25-12-2017

Nostradamus Quatrains

Nothing can devalue the God-connection with The Soul of Humanity
Created 18-1-2018

Not One Word
Created 11-11-2017

Our Creator-granted Asset ~ Knowledge
Created 9-10-2017

Our Nothing Days
Created 22-11-2017

Created 5-10-2017

People globally 'set free' from Survivor status by our Creator's unique Soul-contact
Created 4-2-2018

Perth bushfire paints skies 'vivid orange'
Created 15-1-2018

Planet Nine must exist:  NASA
Created 14-10-2017

PM marks centenary of Beersheba in Israel
Created 31-10-2017

Pope contradicts Trump over US embassy move
Created 7-2-2017

Pope Francis WAKE UP THE WORLD! - Come on Mate, we need a kick start
Created 4-12-2017

Pope Francis wants to change the Lord's Prayer
Created 9-12-2017

Pope, in year-end message, says 2017 was marred by war and lies
Created 2-1-2017

Prince Charles to lay Remembrance Day wreath on Queen's behalf
Created 12-10-2017

Prince Harry warns of social media dangers
Created 27-10-2017

Prince Philip's nickname for the Queen is power-based
Created 27-10-2017

Rain begins to hit as Victoria braces for worst floods in decades
Created 1-12-2017

'Remarkable' truffle discovery in Paris

Created 24-12-2017

Researchers have discovered the mind still works after death
Created 20-10-2017

Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare
Created 12-2-2018

Scientists attempt first gene editing in body
Created 19-11-2017

Saudi Arabia - Interesting and Significant Geographic-history Indicators
Created 19-10-2017

Scientists baffled ova prehistoric tree mystery
Created 24-10-2017

Scientists baffled over prehistoric tree mystery
Created 24-10-2017

Scientists observe Earth's mysterious 'hum'
Created 11-12-2017

Secret passageway found under 1,000-year-old Mayan Temple
Created 14-11-2017

Seven means much more than our weekdays
Created 22-11-2017

How do we access Redemption?
Created 11-2-2018

Shopper stunned as Easter eggs and hot cross buns appear on shelves
Created 27-12-2017

Simple Arithmetic - The Key Unlocking 1726
Created 25-11-2017

Sixteen Years of Inspired Motivated Innovation
Created 10-2-2018

Created 12-1-2018

Soul 308
Created 9-10-2017

Subway construction in Rome unearths ancient world
Created 19-12-2017

Surgeon claims first head transplant on a corpse
Created 18-11-2017

Sydney to Hobart: Wild Oats XI takes title in dramatic end
Created 28-12-2017

The '0' Dimension
Created 10-10-2017

The 13th Day - My Covenant Commitment 26-11-2001
Created 28-1-2018||Significantly Updated 30-1-2018
222 is established with my 13 calculated dates

The 279 Significance of 139 and 911
Created 14-2-2018

The Complexity of Simplicity Significantly Established
Created 24-11-2017

The Construction of The Soul-Destiny Contract
Created 15-2-2018

The Darker Side of 8 Days Re-directing my Known Destiny Numbers
Created 18-10-2017
Linked with 8 Days Establishing My Eternity-Truth

The Da Vinci Code - 'So Dark The Con of Man'
Created 9-10-2017

The Doomsday Clock is now just 2 minutes to midnight
Created 27-1-2018

The Environment 148 and 173 Extraordinaire
Created 8-2-2018

The four laws of Ecology significantly fulfillable
Created 7-1-2018

The Great Prostitute sits on Mars' ice deposits
Created 17-1-2018

The Hebrew Alphabet Establishes Serious 249 Violations
Created 30-1-2018

The Higgs-like boson
Created 13-1-2018

The Holy Grail of Energy - The Divine Grace of our Creator's Communicating Knowledge
Created 21-1-2018

The Human Soul 225
Created 9-10-2017

By Beninjam200 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
The Kelpies in Falkirk - Multiple significant carefully hidden challenges deciphered
Created 7-2-2018
Linked with An evolutionary look at The Helix project and Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched Falcon Heavy rocket

The Knights Templar establish the significance of 1726
Created 26-1-2018

The Light Shines on 'Theorists'
Created 4-1-2017

The Merchant of Venice
Created 12-2-2018

The Multi-dimensional aberrations of the 9/11 Twin Diversion
Created 10-10-2017

The new laws that will come into effect from 1 January
Created 31-12-2017

The Secretary Bird is far more than it seems
Created 12-11-2017

The Second Law of Ecology:  Everything Must Go Somewhere
Created 16-2-2018

The Seven Liberal Arts and their Planetary-and-Star identifications Foundation 265
Created 24-10-2017

The Soul of Humanity 215
Created 9-10-2017

The Theatrical Miracle of our World's Soul-redemption
Created 28-11-2017

'THE' word in Its eternity
Created 5-2-2018

Three-in_one: Stumbling stone, rock and Fall
Created 29-1-2018

Three More Days of 2017
Creaed 29-12-2017

Trump 'confirms Jerusalem embassy plan'
Created 7-12-2017

Ur-Anus - From Someone Whose Birthday was Established as World Toilet Day in 2001
Created 23-10-2017

War Memorial's wounded Anac mystery unravelled
Created 28-10-2017

We are being Spiritually jailed in SURVIVOR-mode
Created 5-1-2018

Will The Truth Set You Free?  Come And Have A Look
Created 22-10-2017
8 turned 90o is the Eternity Symbol and the bend in Crop Circle plants,
31 is the "0" Dimension-numbers 1 to 9 and have a look at Caesar's Square for 36 establishing 666

Where to see this month's Orionid meteor
Created 21-10-2017

Welcome to My Date Workshop
Created 9-10-2017

What Could Shakespeare Have Fathomed?
Created 13-2-2018

What history really tells us about Jesus' birth
Created 22-12-2017

World Toilet Day

Created 22-11-2017

Your potential to Re-deem, Re-assess, Re-evaluate is Vitally Important
Created 7-1-2018